Training Flight News

Recent gas balloon flight tracks:

Abruzzo, Hale and Sullivan Flights June 23, 2002

Johnny Petrehn flight February 17, 2003

Abruzzo, Governor Johnson, Bair and Hale, Cummings flights March 10, 2003

Training flight general information and rules:

Albuquerque's gas balloon pilots will be flying local training flights From Balloon Fiesta Park Throughout the year.  Flights will fly from the field when weather and scheduling permits.  The north entrance to the park will be open when we have training flights.  Please note that the launch will be from the west side of the Fiesta park, east of the sand bagging machine THE ONLY VEHICLES PERMITTED ON THE FIESTA FIELD GRASS ARE THE BALLOON VEHICLES.  all spectators and crew should park on the paved roads.  Please do not park within 100 feet of the fueling truck   One last caution, PLEASE do not drive on the grass.

There may be an opportunity to crew for one of the balloons.  Crewing for a gas balloon is slightly different than hot air so if you are crewing on a gas balloon for the first time please make sure follow directions from the Crew Chief and PIC.  The gas is very safe, but there are a few rules that must be followed.  If you do crew for a balloon, please remember the gas safety rules.

No Smoking or open flames at any time this means everyone.

No cell phones, radios or other electronic devices and no flash pictures during fueling.

No synthetic clothing, such as nylon or other non-natural fibers may, be worn by crew or those who come in contact with the balloon.

Once the balloons have been fueled and the fueling hoses removed the restrictions will be removed by the Fueling Officer.

Further updates will be posted to this page.