James Gordon Bennett, I Presume — solely responsible for the shameless publicity stunt or marketing ploy to sell newspapers, when he promoted and financed the Stanley's expedition in quest of Livingstone. Newspaper editor, sportsman, the youngest Commodore of the New York Yacht Club.


Notable Personages in Rhode Island's History - James Gordon Bennett, Jr. — Presented by the Redwood Library and Athenæum, this brief profile is a colorful glimpse at Bennett as a newspaper man, sportsman, adventurer and the person responsible for introducing Polo to the United States.


Phil Petersen on: James Gordon Bennett — From the PBS American Experience series, this interview with Phil Petersen, Wireless Pioneer, tells how James Gordon Bennett, Jr.was the person responsible for bringing Marconi, Inventor of the Morse Code, to the United States.


Bennett, James Gordon — Entry from the Information Please Encyclopedia, this page mentions that he, with John W. Mackay, organized the Commercial Cable Company in 1883 and established the James Gordon Bennett cup as a trophy to celebrate victories in yacht, balloon and airplane races.


The Gordon Bennett RacesJames Gordon Bennett also promoted motorsport racing through his Gordon Bennett cups. The cup for motorsport racing was first run from Paris to Lyons, France in 1900. From the International Race News Archives produced by Darren Galpin, this web page highlights the history of Gordon Bennett Cup motorsport races which ended in 1905, when Bennett withdrew his sponsorship. The 1901 and 1902 winners of the Gordon Bennett Cup Race were the only ones to finish the race. Racing from Paris to Innsbruck in 1902, Selwyn F. Edge won driving a Napier.

The Founding of the Associated Press — James Gordon Bennett was among the ten men responsible for the founding the Associated Press, the world's first co-operative news gathering and distribution service.

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