Tomas Hora (Germany)

Born in Stuttgart, Germany, 02/03/72 since birth member of the "Ballonsportgruppe Stuttgart e.V." (balloon club of Stutgart) 10/09/76 First Gas Balloon ride with balloon D-Graf Zeppelin 07/17/78 First Hot Air Balloon Flight with balloon D-Famöla Vogt 3 '88 - '89 One year stay at Valley High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico Oct. 88 Launch director Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Since 90 Observer (i.e. 5 Gordon Bennetts, World Championships, European Championships, SAGA Balloon Fiesta, German Championships) Nov 92 Niwa Trophy by the Japanese balloon federation Since May 93 Hot Air Balloon Pilot Oct. 93 Head of the German Gordon Bennett Team, Albuquerque Sept. 95 Winner of the 4th Int. German Cup, Pforzheim Since March 96 Member of the CIA working group LTA Youth & Education Since May 96 Gas Balloon Pilot August 96 Organizer of the International Youth Camp, Bitterfeld Oct. 96 Pilot 2nd America's Challenge (Rank 13) July 97 Pilot in the "Thode Wettfahrt" duration championship (23:50 hours) August 97 Organizer of the 2nd International Youth Camp in Laucha Oct 97 Pilot 3rd America's Challenge (Rank 4) August 98 Organizer of the 3rd International Youth Camp in Turnov, Czech Republic March 99 Flight with gas balloon "Graf Zeppelin" across Germany (632 km) August 99 Organizer of the 4th International Youth Camp in Fulda, Germany