Peter Cuneo (USA)

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Peter J. Cuneo has been a hot air balloon pilot since 1989 and gained his gas rating in 1995.  His interest in gas ballooning stems from having The Noon Balloon by Margaret Wise Brown read to him while he was still an embryo.  He has participated in every America's Challenge Gas Balloon Race since 1995 and had the good sense to stay on the ground in 2000.  He has more than 800 hours of pilot time including flights in Canada, Germany, France, and Mexico.  In 2001, Peter along with Barbara Fricke won the 6th America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race at Fiesta.  Later that same year, they flew in Virginia carries geese in an experimental migration study that was featured on 20/20.

Professionally, Peter is an optical engineer with Lockheed-Martin Corporation.