Troy Bradley (USA)

Troy has logged more than 2,700 hours piloting all types of balloons. After flying professionally for 13 years, Troy retired as chief pilot for World Balloon Corporation and is now concentrating on flying for fun again. Troy has many championships to his credit and along with Richard Abruzzo, Troy set the AM-8 through AM-15 records for duration, distance and altitude including the absolute world duration for manned balloon flight (144 hours 23 minutes) During that same flight they became the first in history to fly a balloon from North America to Africa.

Has been flying balloons since age 14, logging more than 3,100 pilot hours. Flew for World Balloon Corporation for 13 years. With Richard Abruzzo, was the first to fly a balloon from North America to Africa. Along with Mark Sullivan and Sid Cutter, won the first U.S. National Hot Air Team Championship. With wife, Tami, won the 1998 America's Challenge Gas Balloon Race in a home-built balloon.