Bob McGimsey (USA)
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Bob began piloting balloons in 1999 with the help and encouragement of longtime friends Elisa Bustamante & Ken Paulk.  After signing Wally Book on as his official instructor Bob was on his way to becoming a pilot.  In July of 2000 Bob received his pilots license & in August of 2000 with the help of his best buddy and mentor Bruce Hale. Bob went to Germany with his wife Linda, Sister-in-law Glynnette to pickup Bruce & Glynnette’s new 1000m Worner Gas Balloon.  While in Germany Bob was Hydrogen Gas trained by Walter Muller.  Bob has flown in the Warsteiner International Montgolfiade twice and the 5th & 6th Americas Challenge. Bob has just recently joined Top Gun and is a member of AAAA, BFA both Hot air and Gas divisions, NABA, NAA, and VFRS. Bob and His wife Linda live in Rio Rancho New Mexico.  With 6 children and three grandchildren Bob & Linda stay very busy.  Bob has been employed since 1975 by Black & Decker / DEWalt Industrial Power Tools as a Market Manager for the Service Operations Group.