Bob Berben (Belgium)

A well-known balloonist, and since 1985 also flight instructor and examiner.

He has taken part in numerous meetings around the world and has flown more than 1250 hours in hot air balloons and gas balloons. Bob started his career in aviation in 1969 and can write approximately 15.000 flight hours in various types of airplanes to his name.
At present he is Captain Airbus 330. Bob is also an associate of “Ballooning bvba”.

Gasballooning he learned from Willi Eimers, one of the greatest experts on this discipline and several times winner of the Gordon Bennett race.


Gas Balloon :
Landesmeisterschaft NRW 2004 + 2° Europa Cup : 5th place


Gordon Bennett :
2003 (Arc-et-Senans) : 6th
2004 (Thionville) : 6th


Worlds Gas :
2004 (Bitterfeld) : 4th

On February 14th, 2004 he broke together with Benoit Siméons the Belgian altitude record AX-10. (12106,17 meter)