Janne Balkedal (Sweden)

Age 54. Film producer.  Balloon license since 1971. 2000 hours Hot Air Balloons, Gas Balloons and Airships.Together with Hans Akerstedt constructed and built a Hot Air Airship 1977 and also the replica of the Polar Balloon “Ornen” for the movie about Swedish polar explorer S. A. Andrée who tried to reach the North Pole by balloon 1897.   Awarded the FAI Montgolfier Diploma 1981.  Holder of 3 Swedish National Records for Hot Air Balloons.  Participated Gordon Bennett 1984, 1985 and Albuquerque 1993 and World Championships 1996. Best place 6th.   Also competing in Hot Air Balloons. Ten times among the top 10 in World Championships. Second place 1975 and 1997. Swedish National Champion 5 times.  Grand Prix winner at the 1983 Aviation Film Festival in Château d’Oeux, Switzerland with a balloon movie.